The Death Of A Prison Program

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10 years ago punishment turned into a sport. Murder became very common. It was an entertainment which people couldn’t live without. The last scream or yelp was satisfying to some, yet chilling and addictive for others. Impelled by this, T.V telecasted the ‘12th Hour’, a prison program which soon became known for the most gruesome punishments. Murderers would be put into the prison for 12 days, with 13 other convicted murderers. Every time the clock struck 12 a criminal would meet their end. The only way to ever come out alive was ‘pure innocence’. A day ago I was framed for killing a 13 year old boy.

The Judge loomed in front of me, gavel in hand. A shiver ran down my spine as I nervously awaited for my sentence. I had to stop myself from yelling out in despair. It felt like forever as the jury decided what my punishment would be. As a little girl I had grown up living with a mother that killed others for fun. Seeing her enjoyment in it, I knew I would never be able to kill someone. I long ago had made a vow to never kill. If only the jury knew this, then maybe they would have listen to my pleas. The judge demanded silence as the jury had decided my fate. The smug looks on their face’s meant I already knew the outcome. I was found guilty of murder and would become an entertainer, a person whose punishment would be watched for fun. I could just image people across the world watching me die. I almost vomited at the thought, but even more sickening was the thought that I…

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