The Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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A Dime a Dozen
The Death of a Salesman is a tragedy written by playwright Arthur Miller and told in the third person limited view. The play involves four main characters, Biff, Happy, Linda, and Willy Loman, an ordinary family trying to live the American Dream. Throughout the play however, the family begins to show that through their endeavors to live the American Dream, they are only hurting their selves.
The play begins by hinting at Willy’s suicidal attempts as the play begins with Linda asking if he crashed the car asking, “You didn’t smash the car did you?” (Miller 1183). This first line foreshadows Willy’s suicide at the end of the play as it foreshadows that he is not completely sane. Subsequently, Biff and Happy Loman are introduced as Linda and Willy’s two children. Biff has recently returned to his home, but his parents constantly criticize him for not having a good job. Willy and Biff do not get along, as Willy believes that Biff has failed him because he did not succeed in being wealthy and well known. Biff was the classic all American teenager in high school, being a star in football and admired by all his peers. Willy describes him saying, “I thank almighty God you’re both built like Adonises.” (Miller 1193). Willy builds his children up believing they are above everyone else which will eventually lead to problems later in their life.
Later in the play it is revealed that Willy has been lying to his children and is not doing well in his job. His…
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