The Death Of A Salesman

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Today, the play "The Death of a Salesman" is celebrated in many theatres. The play is regarded as one of the finest dramas of American theater play. It was written in 1949 by an American playwright Arthur Miller. After the play was produced, it was first opened at the Morosco Theatre and starred Lee J Cobb as Willy Loman, Cameron Mitchell as Happy, Mildred Dunnock as Linda, Howard Smith as Charley and Arthur Kennedy as Biff. The play has been revived on Broadway four times and won many awards and nominations including the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play and Tony Award Best Actor in Play Brian Dennehy in the 1999 Broadway revival.
Meaning of the Tittle and Sub-tittles of the play
The play has several subtitles but the main title “The Death of a Salesman” represents the actual death of Willy in his conquest of fulfilling his American dream. Willy is a salesman, and he died by committing suicide. The sub-tittle “The Ideal Funeral” represents Willy’s idealized way of dying and he models his dream funeral on the service held for an old salesman named Dave Singleman. He wanted a big funeral where everyone will be weeping for him. However, in his funeral hardly anybody came since he was not successful as Dave singleman.
The sub-title “Capitalism and the American Dream” is portrayed in a several parts of the play. Willy being a salesman, in many ways represents capitalism nature of the American people. The American dream is represented by Biff, Ben and

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