The Death Of A Serial Killer

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A serial killer is a person who kills a number of people. They act in a series of 5 or more murders with a break period between each murder. Serial killers can go for months and years before they are usually caught. The victim is most likely the same for every killer- a prostitute or a hitchhiker -someone who, if they were to go missing would probably not be noticed (cite). Their victims may also have the same or similar attributes in gender, age, race or general look. Serial killers also stick by their modus operandi closely but may change it with when needed.
Not surprisingly there also appears to be many theories and debates as to the cause of this destructive and heinous behavior. As with most mental illnesses there is a debate between
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However, this would change as he would soon terrorize the state of New York. On March 25, 1980, A girl named of Donna Hensley got away from Stano and maher her way into a police station. She told the police that she was a prostitute, and had been confronted by some man requesting her. Once at the motel, she and the man began to argue, then the man pulled out a knife and proceeded to cut her. Hensley demanded that the man be found and charged. An officer investigating what happened was able to stop searching after matching a licence plate to a car that met a description. After running the plate the officer found that it was registered to a 28 year old man named Gerald Stano. At is this time, Stano had a long arrest record but no convictions. A positive identification was made from Stano’s mug shot, and so began an investigation into a series of brutal murders.

On February 17, 1980, a pair of college students walked across the decomposing remains of a woman. Police started an investigation after it was determined to be a murder. The victim was a 20 year old named Mary Carol Maher, She was found in a remote area laying on her back. The police believed that after looking at the rate of decomposition that she had been there for at least two weeks. Her injuries consisted of multiple stab wounds to the back, legs and arms. During questioning about the assault
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