The Death Of A Sleeping Pill

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There are conflicting views on the use of stilnox as a sleeping aid and the use of sleeping aids as the amount of people that have died as result of these drugs is slowly increasing. In America, a study by Scribbs Health, a non-profit organisation, estimates that, “500,000 ‘excess deaths’ have been caused by taking drugs such as Ambien (American equivalent of stilnox) and Restoril”. These deaths are a result of two main factors, unconscious behaviours and suicide. Commiting suicide using a sleeping pill is the preferred method for women as it causes the metabolic pathways throughout the body to start shutting down. These systems include the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems and the result of such a widespread shut down is death. The drug is attributed with certain behaviours that occur while being unconscious. It has been reported by numerous patients that the drug results in sleep related behaviours such as, sleepwalking and has resulted in many deaths.

Stilnox however can be beneficial to those that are effected by mental health issues and suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep disturbance can be caused by numerous variables however, a main cause can be hormonal imbalance. Stilnox binds to receptors in the brain, which promotes drowsiness. In some cases it has also be found to improve the quality of life of some people that have been diagnosed with different mental disabilities. After administering the drug clear improvement can be seen…

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