The Death Of A Student On A College Campus

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The death of a student on a college campus is difficult. Processing such a tragedy becomes even more challenging when your college campus is where the incident occurred. Many factors come into play when briefing students, faculty, and possibly even the press. I never thought it would happen to my university until it did. During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity of representing my university as a campus Orientation Leader and a Resident Assistant. In more ways than one, I was considered the face of my university. With much power and influence, came much responsibility. In both positions my time predominately was spent assuring parents and students that the safety of their child was our number one concern. The importance of doing so heightened immensely after the passing of a young woman my sophomore year. It was at that very moment I learned the utmost importance of strategic communication. At the front and center of controversy, I was still required to effectively communicate the safety of our students. I would speak with countless concerned parents and their daughters about safety protocol on campus. As they clung to each word I spoke, I knew our conversation would play a vital role regarding their final decision of admittance. I began asking myself the tough questions about whether there was more we could have communicated to our students regarding safety. I also wondered if that were the case, what was the most effective way to do so. It was at this time
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