The Death Of An Anarchist Essay

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Characters in Accidental Death of an Anarchist
My understanding of the characters in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist was deepened through the presentation when it was explained how each character stands to represent a counterpart in the real participants in the events involved with the bombing at Piazza Fontana, or the interrogation and death of Pino Pinelli. I was informed by Jillian that the Inspector is based on a police officer named Luigi Calabresi who was characterized by his casual wear and his nervous twitches. This helped me understand why the Inspector was shown to exhibit these same traits in the play. My understanding of Bertozzo’s character was deepened when Jillian states that In Italy, the carabinieri, or the police force was commonly picked on and joked about just as much as the police force of Britain. This answered my question of why Bertozzo was always getting kicked and picked at; he represents an idiotic figure who fits in the stereotype of the police force as a consistent object of satire and ridicule. The Superintendent, presented by Hannah, was based on Marcella Guida, who was the head of the police force in Milan. Without Hannah’s information on Guida being the commandant for a prison camp in Bosnia I wouldn’t have known how Fo connects the two at the moment when the Maniac questions the Superintendent 's supposed activities in Bosnia. Hannah also mentioned that the Constables were based on four real police constables involved in the case of
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