The Death Of An Ice Cube

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The chilling sensation of an ice cube pressed to my ear, my friends excited laughter, a sharp stinging sensation, and then it was over. I had successfully pierced my cartilage despite my parent’s disapproval. This was the very first of many defiant acts that I would perform in the years to come. As I looked at my newly pierced ear the first emotion that flooded through me was satisfaction. I had successfully undermined my parents. They had drawn a line in the sand and I had jumped right over it. Then slowly, a second emotion started to trickle in, guilt. Not regret or remorse. Just guilt. I wasn 't sorry for what I had done but I knew what punishment awaited me. Only weeks before I had asked for my parent’s permission to get the piercing and had received a hard “no”. So what had provoked me to go behind my parents back and do it anyways? Was it to spite them? To provoke a response? Had I done it for myself? Maybe I had something to prove to myself, to show the world that I was daring and rebellious. When my parents saw the newest metal addition to my “holy temple” they were furious as expected. Any normal parent would make their kid take out the piercing and ground them for god knows how long. I was grounded of course, and also lost my car privileges but the kicker was the unique punishment of finding, reading, and copying down 20 verses from the bible that talked about obeying one’s parents. I was raised in a very godly home. We went to church twice a week, memorized
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