The Death Of Assisted Suicide

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Law and Health In the 21th century, human understanding for life and death reaches a new level. With great advance in medical technique and quality of life, people not only attach importance to the sanctity of life, but also think highly of value and quality of life. Based on such shift in people 's concept and comprehension, in recent years there arises a series of physician assisted suicide cases throughout the world. Assisted suicide means the deliberate hastening of death by a terminally ill patient with assistance from a doctor, family member or another individual. In contemporary world, there has been a continuingly heated debate on this highly controversial issue, especially whether or not for legislative bans. So far doctor-assisted suicide is still illegal in most countries. Later in 2000, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize euthanasia. However, to local government 's shock, their country became the destination of suicide-committing tourists. Assisted suicide involves our rights about living and death, involves the dignity of life, at the same time, it associates with unclear relationship between medicine and law. Generally, assisted suicide should not be legalized. Anyway, it is a murder or suicide, which is always irrational behavior, thus our society should in no case encourage its occurrence. Euthanasia is divided into two types, namely, direct euthanasia and euthanasia continuity. Direct euthanasia refers to drugs which relieve
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