The Death Of Black And Purple Rings

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His ash brown hair cascading like a waterfall down to his shoulder, his bushy eyebrows blew in all directions as the wind stroked his face. He wore a ragged light green jacket and a pair of denim jeans that were torn at the knees, which rested just above his skeleton-like ankles. I looked up and saw his eyes filled with despair and loneliness, as if he had realised a lack of presence in his life, they were surrounded by bags of black and purple rings. His long symmetrical nose was perfectly placed above his crooked-chapped lips which displayed two faint lines on each side of his face, giving his face the impression of someone who used to smile often, albeit the square firm jaw revealed the portrait of a man who knew only failure. I discretely glanced at his eyes again hoping he would not notice me, however this time he looked straight back into my eyes. I felt as if I was being drowned by a huge wave of sympathy and guilt. I felt like all his pain and suffering had been caused by me. It was now impossible for me to look away from his gaze which was slowly taking me to a whole different world. My vision began to blur as I had realised my eyes were building up with tears, I suddenly felt a light-damp tingle travelling down from my eyes all the way down to my chin until it hit the dry ground and this was bringing me back straight into reality. I looked around to adjust myself into my surroundings. I quickly wiped my face as I wondered why this had happened, I immediately saw a
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