The Death Of Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer isn’t a death sentence as it was before. Women used to fear being diagnosed with this disease because there was no cure for it. Breast cancer has been around for centuries, but the advancement of medicine has increased the chances of survival, and in the future the improvements will be even greater. The first mention of breast cancer was documented in Egypt in 1600 B.C. It was considered a mysterious disease with no cure to it. In The Edwin Smith Papyrus, there are eight cases of tumors or ulcers in the breast. During these times, the people believed it was caused by a lack of sexual activity and physical injuries. Because of the fact that people believed there was no cure, no one did anything to try to solve the problem.…show more content…
With the advancement of medicine, diagnosing breast cancer is much easier now than it was before. Mammograms are a very common way of diagnosing breast cancer. A mammogram takes x-rays of the breasts and checks for any abnormalities in the breast. A breast ultrasound is also another way of diagnosing breast cancer. “Ultrasounds use sound waves to produce images of structures deep within the body”.(Mayo Foundation for Medical Education .) The only way to be sure that a patient 's lump is cancerous or not, is by performing a biopsy. During the procedure doctors take cells from the affected area and test them to see if they are cancerous. The biopsy also determines the aggressiveness of the cancer, and what type of treatment would be the best for the patient 's type of cancer. Not all patients can receive the same form of treatment. There are many ways to treat breast cancer, one being chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses drugs that kills cancer cells. One of the three major purposes of chemotherapy is to prevent the cancer from coming back after surgery and radiation. That is called adjuvant therapy. Another one of the reasons that patients choose the treatment of chemotherapy, is to shrink the tumor. If the tumor is smaller than it will be easier to remove during surgery. There is an advantage to chemotherapy because the surgery becomes more risky if the tumor is bigger. The last reason for chemotherapy is
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