The Death Of Carthage Hospital

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As I peered into the gallows of hell I realized that everything I’d known to this day would soon vanquish to dust before me. The lies built up into a monstrous wall would become easy to see through. I would know the truth of the changes made before my eyes and the changes made in me. 1. As I arrived at the hospital everything seemed normal, but for some unapparent reason I felt different. Today was the start of my new career in Wyoming, a career that would foreshadow the reputation of my past. I’m here to escape the horrors of Carthage hospital, to start over. I made my way through the crowd of rushing nurses, doctors assisting patients, and EMTs bringing more people finally making my way to the main hallway of the hospital.…show more content…
Tindol 's face, I could not tell if my answer was satisfactory or if I had just boasted on to a completely insufficient answer. Then he turned around and opened a mahogany cabinet, when he faced me he was holding a white lab coat. “Your answer to my question was remarkably exquisite, it showed me you 're passionate about what you do.” He handed me the lab coat, “So, I would like to be the first to welcome you to Amelia South Hospital’s surgical team. I paged one of the best residents we have to show you around, he’s a pediatric surgeon.” Just then a charmingly pale man walked in, his hair blonde with wavy locks flowing in one fluent motion framing his gorgeous bone structure. “Just on time, his is Dr. Camden,” Dr. Tindol said interrupting my haze, “ He’ll be showing you around today.” “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” The pale man, Dr. Camden spoke as he stepped forward and reached out his hand. I graciously returned the offer and shook his hand. That was when I saw his eyes, his beautifully pale blue eyes the mixture of the clouds in the sky and the heavens above. “Dr. Evans, we should probably get going, a lot to see and less time to do so.” My haze interrupted once again. “Yes, of course Dr. Camden.” I nodded then motioned to the door, “After you.” Once we’d left the

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