The Death Of Celia Born

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All that she had known was that she was apparently there because she had stolen money from a bank. Celia had no clue why or how she had done it, all she knew was that, that was what her report had said. It had also included details such as had hair color, eye color, height, and how long she had been in this place that she had been in for so long. According to her records, it had been about fifteen years now. Fifteen years of the same exact schedule everyday, fifteen years of those concrete floors and walls that were only a few shades different from each other, and fifteen years of seeing the same people over and over again. She truly did hate it, well almost all of it. The only thing that Celia had found some happiness in…show more content…
Today she was being assigned a new roommate. She was very surprised when she had been told this, considering in all her time here she had never had anyone in her cell. This made her extremely curious as to what this person would be like and she knew that it should be close to the arrival time. Just as she was about to go back to working on her art, a new announcement had come on. “Celia please come to the Entry Room as soon as possible” That was her cue to go and meet the person who she would be living with. As she started there she continued to get more and more nervous. What she had really wanted to ask this girl was all about what the outside was like and more importantly, what she had done to get into here. Was she like her and couldn 't remember? Even though she had known that she would have to ask the basic questions first and if they would even talk that much after they first met anyway. When she walked into the room there was only one guard who was standing on the opposite side of the room, a small table, and three small brown chairs to go with it. She decided to sit on the one that was the furthest away from the door on the right. The two of them sat in silence for about twenty minutes until finally two more people walked in. One wearing the standard prison uniform and the other in a suit. “Celia I would like you to meet your new roommate, Beth” said the man in a suit. Beth just smiled and nodded her head.
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