The Death Of Death And Death

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Promise Provided Everyone is familiar with the theme of death. “According to experience, death is the stopping of a behavior, the stopping of expressive movements and of physiological movements and processes…It is a departure, a decease, a negativity to the unknown…a departure without a return”(Levinas). Regardless of belief, death is the one equalizer common to man. There are countless stories attempting to illustrate or explain both the feeling and the nature of death given many various outcomes, fortunate or unfortunate. One point remains consistent through all of them: death is inevitable and no one can avoid it. Despite the fact that no man has ever evaded death, several people throughout the ages have unsuccessfully endeavored to unearth the secret to immortality. In fact, the “legends connected with the discovery of North America” also include those of a French explorer named Ponce de León who searched in sixteenth century Florida for the “Fountain of Youth” whose waters supposedly supplied vitality and eternal life (Olschki). In the literary works of Godfather Death and Appointment in Samarra, both tell a morbid tale resulting in death. Viewing the stories from a Christian worldview, both operate on false premises of superstition, man’s nature to control his destiny, and fallible, finite thinking. Godfather Death recounts a story about a man with thirteen children. Since there were not enough people in his small town, he walks along the highway to

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