The Death Of Death - Original Writing

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“Hello.” “GO, GO, GO!” I heard being shouted. It was all chaos, blood, bullets. My thoughts drifted off. It was all a blur. It was a hot sunny day at the time of this event. I kept running as the dust crowed around the ends of my pants while letting my sweat drip though my worries. Just as I had thought I was clear, I felt a bolt of flaming pain rip though my shoulder; behind me I could hear muffled breathing. I turned around and just as I was about to strike, a gunshot went off. The masked figure didn’t move, through my pain I saw his face. His mouth was open like he was yawning, like he was about to go to sleep…he was already asleep. As he limped on to me, he grunted one last time before silence took over him. Personally I didn’t care, I never did after all I was a killer or at least that’s what people said. All I was doing was doing what had to be done, just trying to get by in a man for man world. Any ways, they left me there, drove away, leaving me to rot. Then, BOOM! A hard blow to my head, I don’t know what happened after I guess they brought me into this room and tied me to this chair. My head still hurts. The room was small a bit bigger than a cargo container. I pondered as to who brought me here and why? The little light dangling from the roof was flickering; it was the only light source, I guess he didn’t want to be noticed. My hands were tied behind the chair the knot was tight there was no way I was going to break the rope, so I waited and struggled and…
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