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As my eyes skimmed over the words printed on the pages of the oddly intriguing book, I experienced a slight sting of realisation within the depths of my soul. A pitiless dark cold. I had always been under the impression would be like this. My life would come to a halt, but nevertheless my consciousness would subsist in the void. Though it was quite unusual that afterlife would look so similar to my office.
The deceased are in most cases despondent. This reaction itself is a perfectly normal, since it essentially stems not entirely from the unfavourable “why” of your own death but more so the maddening “how”. Dying without any warning, for example being totalled by a large truck, may leave you with the sensation of being robbed of time. Though, if you had the unfortunate experience of dying, lying on a an uncomfortable bed that had distinctly been allocated as the very place your life would end, with dozens of tubes stemming from each orifice, the likelihood of you transferring the depression that you experienced in your previous life to…now, is quite high. Regardless your heart will most likely be heavy with sadness and regret.
During this period of your now non-existent life, it is of UT most importance to take comfort in the fact that since you are categorised in the delighted group of the deceased, there is little that can get worse. The only way is up, though keep in mind for a prolonged period of time “up” will be perceived as an extension of “down” that never

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