The Death Of Death - Original Writing

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The moment her heart stops beating is the same moment he appears and time freezes. Two cars are crunched side by side in a ravine, windows shattered with floating glass, a girl’s face stretched out in a scream. He observes the wreckage before his eyes land on her corpse. The girl didn’t die instantly, unlike the mother in the other car. The girl’s last moments were instead filled with agony as her life slipped around the branch that had broke through the side window and pierced her windpipe. He regards her lifeless body before walking over to her side of the car. When he reaches for her face, his hand phases through the broken glass. He brushes his hand along her dead eyes before slowly pulling back. As he does this, her wispy soul is coaxed out of its bodily confines to float next to him. Her spirit gradually materializes to match her appearance before the accident. There she stands, staring blindly at the tragedy before her. He waits. The girl’s eyes focus on the wreckage before her in full. The torn railing where the two cars tore through. The tree branches that gave away as the cars came flying down. Then finally her car; crushed and dented from the crash and descent, and the branches impaled through windows, car doors, tires, metal, her. He waits for the moment she breaks down. It doesn’t come. Instead she stares at her own corpse with a look not of terror or despair, but of tired disappointment. “Did I hit you?” She asks bluntly. The man sneers at
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