The Death Of Death System

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The death system according to Kastenbaum (2012) is “the interpersonal and symbolic network, through which an individual’s relationship to mortality is mediated by his or her society” (p.102). This means that we face death as individuals and face it as a society and culture. The death system teaches members of a group concerning death, using mental, emotional and behavioral components and functions. There are five component: People, Places, Times, Objects and Symbols and seven function: warning and predictions, preventing death, caring for the dying, disposing of the dead, social consolidation after death, making sense of death, and killing (Kastenbaum, 2012, p.102). We associate certain types of people with death. There are the funeral directors, the florist, clergymen, life insurance salesperson and even a weapon designer. Places like cemeteries, disaster sites, funeral homes, battlefields, and hospice rooms, are also reminders of death. Particular times like 9/11, Good Friday, Memorial Day and Halloween are group associations to death. An individual can associate death with an anniversary of a death of a love one. Our society sees death objects daily: roadside memorials, a hearse, tombstones, and obits. Symbols in the death system include skull crossbones designs, a picture of a devil, swastika and the color black in some cultures (Kastenbaum, 2012, p.77-80). There are seven function in the death system that place stress on society and relates to
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