The Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

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This essay is about Edgar Allan Poe and how is often disturbing stories and poems were a direct reflection of the chaotic and sad filled life. Poe had many people in his life die around him and this was the reason for his fascination and some say obsession with “death.” Of course, Poe is most famous for writing many stories and mysteries that centered on murder, suicide, and overall macabre themes. Many people throughout time have been astonished by his many writings calling them “stories written by a genuine mad man.” When you do an Internet search of his name you often find the word lunatic attached to his name. However, this disturbing stories and death-obsessed poems are nothing when compared to his actual life, and the various experiences throughout it. Poe has ten people in his life that were close to him, very important figures that either died or exited his life without an explanation. These “losses” left Poe unable to manage his emotions, ultimately destroying them altogether, which resulted in him writing so many mysteries. Before you get to those losses in Poe 's life you must first acknowledge his life. Poe was born in Boston in 1809 to a mother and father along with two siblings, a brother and a sister. Her husband and when he was only two leading to his mother being along yet again leave Poe’s mom. Elizabeth decides to move the family to Virginia and eventually dies in the same year. This is of course the first of the many great losses in Poe 's life. Poe

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