The Death Of Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe had an unusual and complex relationship with the concept of death throughout his lifetime. Having been born into a family of traveling actors Poe’s unhealthy obsession spawned from a very young and impressionable age. Edgar’s dissociation from the tragedy of death was due to the fact that he would watch his mother kill herself on stage night after night; pigs blood filling her corset as the curtains drawn to close. During those two years Poe learned that death wasn’t final and his mother would always reappear upon the ending of the show. Unfortunately, both his parents perished before he was the age of three, leaving him to find his way in the world alone; seeing as he was also separated from his siblings. Poe tried…show more content…
Initially you would feel that this cloaked figure is a sign of good faith, but soon you find that the old lady he prophesized to has died horrendously due to the disease of The Masque of Red Death. A sickness where one appears to painfully bleed out through all of the pores on their body. It is commonly believed that Edgar Allen Poe based The Red Masque disease off of the Black Plague illness that was sweeping though his time period. (18th century) When the ruler of the land; Prince Prospero comes through the countryside to reap the rewards of the harvest season he happens upon this town. Of the citizens present, two noble men decide to challenge his overbearing power. He orders his guards to “Garrote them.”(Corman 1964) Instantly Francesca, The daughter and the Fiancé of the two whom were sentenced begs for his mercy. The prince upon discovering the ailment of The Red Masque of Death’s presence takes the three whom challenged him and burned the rest of the village to the ground. During their stay at his palace Francesca is stripped of her crosses and forced to convert her faith from Christianity to the fallen angel the devil. While her loved once fought for their lives as amusement. Making Julianna, the prince’s personal handmaid jealous she tries to one up the new peasant guest and brands herself with
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