The Death Of Emmett Till Essay

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Emmett Till Tunga Murphy History 2650-451 November 15, 2016 Instructor-Jessie Lipford Emmett Till a native of Chicago had no idea that his life would tragically end while visiting family in Money, MS. The death of Emmett Till had a major impact on the already rapidly growing Civil Rights movement (www. Biography.Com). Till’s death gained national attention to the small town of Money, MS after Till made a choice to make hissing gestures at a white woman. Till’s death was just one of the hundred deaths that were occurring in African American men and women of color. Emmett Louis Till was born July 25, 1941 in Chicago Illinois. At the time of his death Till was attending school at McCosh Grammar School in Chicago. After a tragic death while away on military duty in Italy Louis Till was murdered, which left Mamie Till to raise Emmett Till has a single parent. Mamie aimed to raise her son to be a prominent African American. Nicknamed Bobo (Emmett Till) was raised in a growing middle class community that gave African Americans a somewhat equal opportunity to experience a decent life. Even after being diagnosed with polio at birth Emmett Till still managed to live a normal childhood and did not allow his illness to hinder him from enjoying his childhood. Family and friends always considered Till to be a jokester and comical. After realizing that he would be allowed to visit family and friends in Money ,MS Till was filled with excitement about taking a train
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