The Death Of Genocide : The Annihilation Of Minorities Essay

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Genocide is the systematic mass murder of an ethnic, race, religious, or national group based on discriminatory preconceptions (Payne 33). The heart of genocide is destruction: the annihilation of minorities. Minorities have always been the scapegoat for most governments in times of crisis or when the government has been mismanaged. Minorities are even considered non-human. The annihilation of a specific target group does raise to question why and how this would be carried out. A genocide happens due to external and internal factors that contribute to target a specific group. Some external factors: colonialism exploitation and manipulation, post-colonial upheaval, high geographical isolation and low external reaction to internal genocide. Some internal factors: non-democratic government, toxic ideologies viewing minorities as threats, decline in state power and high levels of diversity (Kinloch). Genocides have made world headlines and have changed the ways the global communities approach this type of mass killing. Post World War I, the global community made a big step towards holding individuals responsible for mass killings such as genocide in the Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of War and the Enforcement of Penalties at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. This document was highly supported by Great Britain and France to prosecute those individuals who were accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, but was opposed by the United States, Italy, and
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