The Death Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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What is revenge, and why does this sort of feeling affect us in huge way that it could destroys all those relationships that was created from blood or friendship. Revenge is defined as “… a desire to do harm in return for a wrong; returning evil for evil, vengeance” (Webster Dictionary). This play introduces Hamlet, a prince who goes on the quest to take revenge on his uncle who killed his father and Hamlet won’t rest on until he gives his uncle the punishment for killing the king. But this quest for him to get his revenges has some consequences that could lead to many deaths including himself. Hamlet thirst for revenge clouds his judgements, which leads to drastic consequences. The feeling of revenge is a very strong and powerful tool that could be used on anyone, but if it is not used properly, it could cause destruction between blood and friendship. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many of the characters in the play are bound to restore the family’s honor by demanding vengeance. After the death of Hamlet’s father; he become so obsessed with the idea of revenge would be the only solution to avenge his father’s murderer. Throughout the play, the impression of revenge has closely drawn Hamlet with the ideas of spirituality, truth, and uncertainty that death would bring the answers to Hamlet’s deepest questions, if his uncle is the one that kill his father. He could have killed Claudius, but he wasn’t sure if Claudius really did murder his father. Hamlet thirst for revenge…
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