The Death Of Heart Disease

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If you ask someone what they think the number one cause of death is, specifically for women, many people will guess breast cancer, or maybe just cancer in general. Unfortunately, these people are wrong; the number one killer of women is heart disease. “Seven percent of women consider heart disease as their greatest problem, where as 34 percent cite breast cancer (Nelson 21).” Most women downplay their risks because they don’t expect to get heart disease, even though it’s such a huge eradicator (Nelson 20). Perhaps one of the reasons women don’t consider this as fearfully as they do cancer, is because women have such different symptoms; in fact, “Fewer than 30 percent [of women surveyed] reported having chest pains (Longley).” Female…show more content…
Women, instead, have the most common symptom of fatigue. Women experience a heart attack differently; they typically experience symptoms one month before or sooner, unlike the immediacy of chest pain for men (Longley). Before a myocardial infarction, women experience unusual fatigue, sleep disturbances, shortness of breath, indigestion, and anxiety (Longley). During, most women don’t have the sharp, sudden chest pain. Instead, they continue feeling a shortness of breath, more unusual fatigue, cold sweats, weakness, and dizziness (Longley). “Many people are well aware that chest pain is a warning of potential life-threatening disorders (Porter 31),” but as stated before, chest pain is the typical male symptom. “With men, often the first sign of heart disease is a heart attack itself, or at least a distinct tightening or squeezing in the chest upon exertion. Women’s first warning signs are often much more subtle: shortness of breath or fatigue when engaging in activities that used to be easy, or even a feeling of mild indigestion (Nelson 17).” The warning signs for women come sooner, but are much more subtle, which is the other part of the problem. Most doctors ignore common symptoms of heart disease because they have learned to associate heart disease with chest pain. As stated previously, fatigue is the most common symptom, however, fatigue is considered in its
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