The Death Of His Brother Might Still Be Alive

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After the death of his erratic brother, a guilt-ridden sibling begins to think his brother might still be alive.


Two brothers, JACK and OWEN, make a life-long vow to meet at an remote lake island campsite every fourth September moon, where they will hold each other accountable for their lives and to each other. They agree to never settle at life.

At a hotel convention, the brothers demonstrate their invention, the “Shadowbox.” It allows outliners around the world to connect undetected. The shadowbox is self-powered and can intercept satellites signals directly. In the audience, REBECCA NYSTROM (21) listens to the brothers.

Jack shows Owen and Rebecca how he has the ability to hack into almost every system. He has the ability to watch people on the internet. Unknown to Owen, Jack flirts with Rebecca. The brothers argue about Rebecca and Owen’s feelings towards her. Owen feels like Jack is making him pick him or Rebecca. Jack destroys the box.

Two years later, on the Island, Owen tells Jack he’s moving in with Rebecca and they are having a baby. Jack gives Owen a list that he pulls from a can. Jack announces he has achieved everything on his list except for the last one: save Owen from himself. Jack also claims to have cracked the shadowbox and it’s working.

In side a cave, they view the shadowbox. It’s able to send undetectable messages. Jack claims to be working with China, the People’s Liberation Front.

Jack surprises Owen, by showing up at…

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