The Death Of Ivan Ilyich And Metamorphosis

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When a story is written, characters may be the most important aspect to consider. Without the characters, and the events that happen to them, the story would no longer have any point. When reading The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Metamorphosis, there are many parallels between the main characters. Ivan and Gregor both considered burdens on their families. The indirect characterization in each story, allows the reader to gradually follow the changing attitude of the main character, leading up to their death.
Ivan Ilyich is introduced as a working man "liked by them all", although from the start you understand that he is dead (Tolstoy). This differs from Gregor 's story where he is introduced as being "transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin," and the readers do not know that Gregor is eventually going to die in the story(Kafka). In the beginning of each story both men are likeable. The indirect characterization allows the reader to analyze the behavior of each character to further understand their personality. Ivan is known as a man who places heavy importance on work. This is known early into the text. Gregor is very similar in this aspect as his own mother states to his employer, "The lad only ever thinks about the business"(Kafka). Ivan felt "the whole interest of his life now centered in the official world," creating a similar mindset with Gregor(Tolstoy). It is not until later in the text that the reader understands what a toll this takes on the family life. Gregor…

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