The Death Of Ivan Ilyich By Leo Tolstoy

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To make a good story it should start with an essential list of components. The opening situation, conflict, complication, climax, suspense, denouement, and then conclusion. Good authors and writers sometimes mix up these "ingredients" and add some spice. This is very much the case in The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy Opening Situation Ivan Ilych 's death notification in the Gazette and funeral then told the story of Ivan 's life. The main theme of the story is Ivan 's Ilynch 's battle with an illness and then his death, and with this Leo Tolstoy setups up the story. Tolstoy reveals to us Ivan 's entire life story up to the point when he becomes sick. We become acquainted with Ivan 's, desires and habits, his friends and family, and his situation. The beginning chapter - even though it theoretically happens after he has already passed away - also aids the setup. It provides us a more telling picture of what the people in Ivan 's social circle are like. We also get a better sense of what Ivan himself was like before he became ill, recognizing Peter Ivanovich and his friends are similar to how Ivan used to be. Complication The doctors ' procedures didn’t work. He 's becoming worried that his condition might has been getting worse since the beginning, but it takes a bit of time for it to hit him that he might just die. This takes place in a powerful moment of realization, when Ivan stops thinking of his illness in medical way and starts thinking about it in terms of
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