The Death Of Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ was a spiritual and powerful man that sacrificed his own life for the sins of mankind. The death of Jesus Christ, was complete torture and it resulted in a wrongful, distasteful, and unbearable death that should’ve never happened to begin with. Although, Jesus sadly left this earth behind so soon because of all the cruel people who hated him and who didn’t respect him or his existence while he was on this earth whatsoever, Jesus still remained relevant. As I further engaged my knowledge about the death of Jesus Christ, I began to notice that there was a strong, detailed, and a powerful message behind his death that several people didn’t seem to catch on to. In the midst of his demise, he left a plethora of ideas and teachings for us to hold on to while living a life through Christ. Here are some important thoughts to think about and delve into. Jesus Christ taught us how to not be afraid of death and not to fear any other human being but God himself, although it promotes not fearing others but God himself it also promotes forgiveness. There is always a way to learn from mistakes to find a deeper meaning of happiness. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, it was a mistake for everyone on this earth to learn from. What could be taken from this is to realize and understand Jesus Christ’s motives for his people and to turn your mistakes into lessons. Jesus didn 't die for no apparent reason, he sacrificed his only life and he died for our sins. That right there…
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