The Death Of Jesus Rose From The Dead

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Christianity rests entirely on the claim that Jesus rose from the dead, a claim which can be rationally assessed from examination of the evidence. If Jesus really did rise again, the most logical conclusion is that he really was who he said he was and so our faith is justified by careful evaluation of the evidence. If he didn 't, we can dismiss any need for faith because the Bible itself tells us that if Christ did not rise from the dead then we above all people are to be pitied.

So did Jesus rise from the dead? There 's only so much I can cram into a fb message but here are a few thoughts:

1) Christian, Jewish and Roman sources all agree that Jesus died by crucifixion, so there 's no chance that Jesus was not really dead. Jewish sources include the Jewish historian Josephus (see Antiquities 18.64 ), the Jewish Talmud (the Jewish commentary on the law) at Sanhedrin 43a (don 't be confused by the term 'hanging here ' - 'hanging ' was a Jewish term for crucifixion i.e. hanging him from a cross). Roman sources include a letter from Mara Bar Serapion (a pagan stoic philosopher from the Roman province of Syria) to his son, currently housed in the British Library, as well as Roman historian Tacitus (see Annuls 15.44). There are MANY Christian accounts which also attest to this, but I 've stuck to the Roman and Jewish ones here as you 're probably familiar with a lot of the Christian sources already smile emoticon

2) The tomb is widely agreed to have been found empty - Jesus '…

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