The Death Of John Brown

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There are many among us that do horrific things in the name of liberation. People are killed in the name of democracy, freedom, and justice. War is violent and gruesome, but we go to war sometimes for causes that are considered unworthy. An American abolitionist by the name of John Brown also killed people, but he also inspired a nation to civil war. In Brown there is no question of the worthiness of his cause, because when he became a soldier he triggered the end of slavery. We have called the men that fought in the revolutionary war, desert storm, and Iraq heroes: it is finally time to call John Brown the same. To understand why Brown was a hero, we have to first understand him as a man. John Brown grew out of a modest setting. He lost…show more content…
At an early age, Brown was interested in religion as well, almost to the point of becoming a minister. Brown would learn from his brother Owen the practice of tannery and was quite good with sheep. Shepherding was a trade of a young John Brown; however, he would lose one of the sheep that he had grown attached to and experienced loss again. Brown would marry early and became very active in the church even to the detriment of others. A rift developed between him and his brother-in-law because his brother-in-law could only visit on Sundays which was very offensive to the deeply religious John Brown. Brown had some early experiences that would result in abolitionist feelings. He wrote in a short auto-biography that a specific event would "led him to declare or Swear: Eternal war with Slavery". John was influenced by watching a U.S. Marshal that had a young slave. The Marshall beat his slave regularly with iron shovels. This image would stick with John, and he would often "reflect on the wretched, hopeless condition, of Fatherless & Motherless slave children." From an early age, Brown saw the evil of slavery, and after several failed attempts at enterprising business, he would turn to his passion for eradicating slavery. Brown 's many failings in business eventually led to many foreclosures and even his eventual imprisonment for the debts that he had incurred. He used his health, weather and even the president
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