The Death Of Judge Rusty Sabich

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Innocent recounts a period, from 2008-2009, in the life of Judge Rusty Sabich. It is divided into three main sections (pre-trial, trial, and post-trial) and narrated from several points-of-view, such as Rusty Sabich, a judge in Kindle County; Nat Sabich, a law school graduate and the son of Rusty; Tommy Molto, a Kindle County prosecuting attorney; and Anna Vostic, a law clerk and Rusty’s mistress. However, the overarching story narrative focuses on the death of Barbara Sabich and the trial of Rusty, her husband, for her murder. The murder trial in Innocent occurs twenty-years after Rusty was tried for the murder of Carolyn Polhemus. Polhemus was an attorney, who was strangled in her apartment. Also, she was Rusty’s mistress. At trial, Rusty was acquitted for Polhemus’s murder and the case was never solved. Another aspect of the book is the appeal of John Harnason, a convicted poisoner, who Rusty has extrajudicial involvement with. Innocent is a standalone sequel to Scott Turow’s book Presumed Innocent, which recounts the Polhemus trial in detail. Innocent opens with the perspective of Nat Sabich and the following lines: “A man is sitting on a bed. He is my father. The body of a woman is beneath the covers. She was my mother” (1). Nat proceeds to report about the death of his mother, Barbara. Essentially, Rusty wakes on the morning of September 30, 2008 to find his wife dead. He waits for a period of 24-hours before informing Nat and the police. The waiting period leads to

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