The Death Of King Hamlet

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The death of King Hamlet effected many individuals lives to the point where great changes were made. Especially in regards to his son, Hamlet, who took the death – murder- of his father personally in both mental and emotional ways. By doing so, Hamlet portrays and experiences the death and loss of his father by acting out in manners in which magnify his isolation and alienated actions. These would include excluding and distancing himself, turning on those closest, and taking on measures one would never do so when thinking rationally or clearly.

Hamlet attended the University of Wittenberg, which implies his great intelligence amongst all his other peers, as well as his age as he is entering manhood when this conspiracy occurs. Hamlet is supposed to be, in the eyes of the country of Denmark, becoming a man and learning about the responsibilities and tasks in which need to be performed in order to take care of and rule of not only the state but also the people. However, instead of doing so, Hamlet becomes engaged in his fathers murder, in which turns his attention to seeking revenge on his uncle, the man who committed the crime. One with such high education and connections well throughout the state would assume to have thought of a greater plan of revenge rather than death. As with power also comes strength, Hamlet did not have to go to such lengths of madness, and isolation in order to achieve such end of means.

Hamlet also deals with the death of this father by…
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