The Death Of Louis Xvi

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France was run by an Absolute Monarchy for many centuries. The people had nothing to say about the running of France, the king or queens words were final. France divided their population into three social groups. The quality of your life was based on which status you held. You status was determined by the family you were born into not on merit of your own attaining. After the fall of moderate revolutionaries like, Marquis de Lafayette around 1792 the constitutional monarchy was quickly being replaced by a radical republic. Louis XVI was put on trial for crimes by the National Convention. While no one doubted his guilt, they did debate whether the king should be executed. The Reign of Terror began in 1793 after the death of Louis XVI. Nine months after his execution, his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette was the first person to face the guillotine. The Reign was meant to fight those who opposed the revolution and also to stop any counter-revolution. Considered education the public would sit and watch the executions by guillotine. Of the people who were rounded up for execution were ordinary people who were considered informers or anyone who was heard to have said critical statements about the revolutionary government. There were no longer the Declaration of the Rights of Man, terror was instead in its place. Maximilien Robespierre said these words “Softness to traitors will destroy us all.” Robespierre was the man behind and fueling the Reign of Terror. At the time he was the
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