The Death Of Love - Original Writing

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Stirring, Serena instantly noticed something was wrong; something felt different She could not feel his strong muscly arms over her lover around her, she could not even feel the warmth of his body near her and it left feeling a little discontent. She fully remembered being half-awake and his warm body pressing against her back as his arms wrapped around her; embracing her tightly upon returning from his late shift. She recalled mumbles words of love, and his sudden snoring soon after he drifted off to sleep.

Her lover did not live with Serena, but she insisted he come over; they had been dating for just over five months - they did not plan it, it just rather happened and neither could place a finger on the exact moment. However, once united together they became a truly formidable couple and most of the time inseparable; they thrived off each other in many ways. As she adjusted her eyes, she tilted her head up and saw a familiar face.

“Morning” he smiled

“I wish you wouldn 't do that, it makes you a little creepy”

Ric said nothing and just rolled his eyes.

“Ric, what are you doing?” Serena continued as he just smiled and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Can 't I admire you?”

“You can when I 'm awake” Serena smirked

“So hard to please aren 't you?” Ric matched her smirk, additionally with the same bright shining eyes.

“Oh, says you” Serena snarked

“I forgot you were twice as grumpy in the morning”

“I 'm not grumpy, have you seen yourself; you make Jack Dee
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