The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

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“Marilyn Monroe dies, pills blamed”, which as you can see here is the headline for the Los Angeles Times, August 6, 1962, 2 days after Marilyn Monroe’s death and just one of many conspiracy theories surrounding her death. With the an autopsy report providing no clear indication of what happened in the early hours of August 5, it has left the door open for public debate and an outbreak of conspiracies. Although her death occurred over half a century ago, it is still relevant and there are operations still undergoing investigating what happened on that fateful night, where one of the most inspirational women of our time came to her untimely death. As stated by Alison Lynch “In death, Marilyn Monroe is every bit as fascinating as she was in life. And the mystery surrounding her final hours has led to endless speculation – was it suicide, a cover-up or murder?”
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To say that Marilyn Monroe’s life was hard, is an understatement. As shown in this primary source of Marilyn Monroe’s birth record she was born as Norma Jean Mortenson, and she grew up in a loveless family, missing a father and with a mother that was unable to properly look after her. After her mother was hospitalised, Marilyn lived in many foster homes, which resulted in a lack of a proper education and the love and care that is supposed to be provided by a family. She was married at the age of 16 to James Dougherty to avoid living in more foster homes and orphanages. Marilyn Monroe through her failed
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