The Death Of Mario - Original Writing

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My Crotchety Ways

In the late nineties, Mackenzie High School expelled Mario in his senior year for gang fighting. Mario was a lost soul walking through the streets of Detroit acting giddy, and very ignorant. Mario would astray from his goals as the streets required his attention, therefore Mario was prepared to do any and everything Mario recognized was immoral. Mario was discontented and being around an irksome cluster of friends that brought nothing but trouble. Mario would soon find discernment and maturity within himself, by returning to school to obtain his high school diploma also creating a better way of life and with the help of others, he is on his way with the dream of working with computers in the IT field. Mario currently attends Wayne County Community College in his fifth semester with perchance of obtaining an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information System. The day Mario strolled into Mackenzie High School in 1993 would alter his life forever. As a freshman at a high school with classmates much older than himself, Mario would soon find himself in a world of trouble. Mario completed all his work and attended his classes demanding good grades and avoiding trouble. Mario was not a straight ‘A’ student, however he gave it his all with an ambition to learn, work, and paying attention in class. Having a formulator skill in art, Mackenzie had selected Mario to participate in an art contest for Mackenzie High School young artists. Mario won first
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