The Death Of Marshal De Saxe

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Marshal De Saxe was born in Goslar, Germany in 1696 and was immediately thrusted into nobility shortly thereafter. This nobility allowed him to be exposed to the military lifestyle of his time at a very young age, which would be a major contributor to his future success. He would eventually serve under and study with such greats as Alexander the Great and then be hired to serve in the French Army. This would lead him to earn the title of “Marshal-General of the Kings camps and armies” while serving under the French. He died in 1750 of “putrid fever”, which is a very un-glorified death compared to a death on a battlefield. Over his life he would be exposed to several different types of leadership and approaches to the battlefield and would document his findings. His findings covered from the individual solider to expectations of future military leaders. After his death Marshal de Saxe’s own writings would be published posthumously and secure his place as a military theorist. Marshal de Saxe used his personal experience and observations over his military career to influence his theory’s that were highly influential to military leaders and military theorist of his time and is studied in modern day by historians and military leaders.
Is this person associated with a military treatise and if so, why was the treatise written? Marshal de Saxe’s solidified his place as a military theorist with his writings that were published posthumously seven years after his death in 1750 under…
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