The Death Of Michael Brown And The Charleston Shooting

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Have you been watching the news lately? What has taken place around the world? Have you heard about the death of Michael Brown and the Charleston shooting? Do you think African American has been targeted by policemen? How you feel about the African American response? Social network is racing with ridiculous stories of white on black crime. African American are being targeted all around the world. The tension has increased as the time has pass by. Police men are thought to save and protect all of any race right? Instead they are targeting blacks.Do you think the police men are doing what is expected of them? All whites are not racist and not all blacks are mean and cruel. You can not judge a book by the cover. Segregation started in…show more content…
He was arrested, he was in a bulletproof suit and was offered Burger King after he was arrested for killing the nine victims. He had no sympathy to or for the family and friends. Charleston became very violent after the crisis. The African Americans has been snatching the flags from the white people cars and have had many outbreak with fights. They have even protested. July 13, 2015 an African American named Sandra Bland was found dead in the Texas county jail. The officer profiled her because of her skin complexion. Sandra was a woman who spoke on African American rights. She felt that he was stereotyping her and she did not remain quiet. She was earlier pulled over for failure to use her turning signal while on the highway. Bland was later arrested due to not obeying the officer as he asked. An traffic offense does not involve the victim to be removed from vehicle. The officer did have his camera on, although the video wasn’t complete. He did insult her, and used profanity towards her. As a cop he should have kept it professional. Social media is racing with many videos on the topic of her death. It has been said that they story does not add up. Lots of research has been conducted. In Ferguson, August 9 a unarmed male named Michael Brown was shot down by a white officer named Darren Wilson. Brown held his hands up replying to the officer saying “do not shoot” ! The officer opened fire on him. Most people say it was because of his color.
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