The Death Of My Uncle Essay

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Throughout my life, my mother, a single parent, has been dedicated, determined, and courageous, and I have tried to develop the characteristics that she embodies. Similarly, the death of my uncle was the catalyst for my decision to enter the field of public health. His death has pushed me to strive for excellence and has influenced my academic and future aspirations. My ultimate career goals are to become a general surgeon who does clinical and community-based research and to serve the community. This paper will explore the financial challenges I encountered while growing up, the death of my uncle, and how this has influenced my passion and future aspiration to become a health practitioner. At a very young age, my mother instilled the importance of education, protecting and following my dreams, and making use of the opportunities that are presented to me. My mother emphasized that having an education can lead to a successful future, and I have grown to realize that it is the key element to reaching my full potential. By acquiring a higher level of education there are no limits because there is always knowledge to be gained. As a single parent, my mother with two kids, at the time, and no college degree had to work a full-time job. She also worked on her farm where she grew her own food and vegetables. My mom would save the money from what she earned from selling some of the ground provisions (as we say in Jamaica) such as yams. She would later use the money to offset the

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