The Death Of Prince Andrei

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This maturation comes out at a very specific moment in Natasha’s life. While a marriage proposal from Denisov, the death of Prince Andrei, or the death of Petya were extremely moving experiences for Natasha, most of the evidence suggests that the life-altering event that led to her new maturity was Natasha’s relationship with Anatole. In fact, “despite initially damaging her engagement, familial relations, and sanity, Anatole ultimately strengthens Natasha’s trajectory. Her character undergoes unprecedented growth, developing a conscience and finding true love” (Petrik). Throughout the incident itself and in the moments afterwards, we are able to discern the new, evolved Natasha from her original childish character. While other events changed her, it was this event that was truly the catalyst.
In War and Peace, “Natasha first appears as a skinny, lively, willful child” and from there we begin to notice that she is also passionate, excitable, and naive (Romney). She is also reasonably independent: she hunts with her brothers, she learns traditional Russian dances, and she says what she wants. These characteristics make her a particularly bold character, and they certainly make her a memorable figure. It is obvious from the beginning that she is one of the main characters. Her incident with Anatole was a fundamental moment for her characterization since it was one of the first times that she had done anything so scandalous. Not to mention, it is essential to the plot of the…
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