The Death Of Princess Diana

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Fiyen Mok
Mr. Marshall
11 Feb 2013
The Death of Princess Diana People from all over the world were sobered in tears as soon as death buried the most dazzling pearl, Princess Diana on 31st August 1997 in Paris (The). This cruel reality left us with endless doubts and question marks. In order to reveal the truth of Princess Diana’s death, an eighteen months investigation that involved 30 police officers, 6,000 pages of evidences and 200 witnesses was taken in both England and France (The). However, because Diana’s death was surrounded by numerous suspicious factors, people held different beliefs toward her death. A number of articles have suggested that Diana’s death was caused by a plan. “I think that there was a plan to sabotage the relationship and alter her life, to try to stop her activities.” (Princess Diana ‘was) A leading lawyer called Mr. Michael Mansfield claimed. According to Mr. Michael Mansfield, there was an operation which constantly threatened Diana’s life. Authorities that control the operation was displeased by Diana’s several behaviors, including her relationship with Dodi Fayed, her attacking on the Royal family in an interview, and especially her active involvement in the campaign against land mines (Princess Diana ‘was). Therefore the operation created a plan that attempt to alter Diana’s behavior by frightening her. Unfortunately, “the plan went very badly and ended with her dead”, here again claimed Michael Mansfield (Princess Diana ‘was).

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