The Death Of Robert F. Kennedy

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The American Dream: success, happiness, riches, stability; all of these went out the window after the stock market crash in 1929. As we’ve all read about in history books and listened to the monotonous lectures in high school, America was a place of promise and full of revolutionary new ideas. Men were investing, women were working, and kids could play in the streets with a twinkle in their eye. Arthur Miller was the prodigal son of hard-working American immigrants who struggled through the depression. Married three times, once to the famous Marilyn Monroe, Miller was a critic at heart; chasing the American Dream in the 1940’s until the sole wore out of his shoes. "Because America has been bigger on promises than any other country, she…show more content…
Backing down or slowing up was never an option because the kids needed clothes, the refrigerator needed a new belt, the old Chevrolet needed a new carburetor, or the life insurance was due. Drive and ambition was never lacking in the heart of Willy Loman. Whether it was driving 4oo miles a day to pitch a sale in a place where no one knew him, or put new plaster on the ceiling of his worn and dilapidated home, Mr. Loman could support his family and keep them off the bottom. Well, until he aged. Pride can build a man into a great hero or it can tear a man apart; as was the case for old Willy Loman. He compares his sons to the Greek God’s, Adonis in particular, when he talks about their physical appearance. He also calls his eldest son, Biff, Hercules, as he is walking onto the football field (Rosinger, Web). Biff was the promise child, the goose that laid the golden eggs. He had good looks that aroused the girls in high school and football skills that attracted three different college scouts. What Biff lacked was brains and dedication, and Willy knew it. Through a family friend Bernard, Willy found out that Biff was on the verge of flunking his final math class and losing all scholarship offers and any chance of a successful future. Here comes the pride though that let it go. The end of the year came and Biff failed his senior year, and that is when a lot more things ended between Biff and Willy. After failing, Biff races to Boston to beg his dad,
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