The Death Of Sergeant Eduardo Salazar

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Edie’s father, Sergeant Eduardo Salazar was a member from the Sacramento Police Department. He was on neighborhood watch that early afternoon in an unmarked vehicle, when a bank robbery was broadcasted over the police radio. Sgt. Salazar responded to the call and proceeds to the location nearby as quickly as possible. He, who arrived at the scene first, parked near the bank and leaped out from his vehicle scurrying through the bank’s parking lot. Sgt. Salazar detects and appears at the exterior security door from the rear building, a locked door where he had hoped to wangle his way in. 5 The reverberation of gunshots and humans screaming and crying in trepidation pulverized his heart profoundly. The circumstance’s exigency drove Sgt. Salazar to move rapidly around the bank towards the front, where he got a clear view through the window from the outside. A robber wearing a ski mask with an assault rifle forced customers and employees at gunpoint to lie face down on the floor. Obeying the instructions given, the robber hastened to the nearest bank cashier to accumulate a sufficient amount of cash into a backpack then fled through the main doorway. “Freeze, Police!” Sgt. Salazar commands from behind. Startled, the robber froze. “Hands up!” Hands were up in the air with the rifle still in one hand. “Drop your weapon!” Slowly placing the rifle on the ground, the robber swiftly rotated ready to shoot, when Sgt. Salazar close behind open fired at the chest. SWAT

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