The Death Of Son - Original Writing

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"Ha! Ha! Ha! Cough, ugh. Oh! That night. The excitement, I still remember like it was yesterday.” wheezed Father. His covered his mouth with his handkerchief, it was soaked with crimson blood "How could you Father!” I exclaimed. What he did to Fortunato was awful, I cannot believe him. My own father, who taught me right and wrong, who would never harm a fly, ruthlessly murdered the uncle of my best friend, Lorenzo. I could not bring my eyes to meet his, I sat there staring at the extravagant designs on Father 's blanket. He looked at me blankly and another fit of coughing followed, through his fit he indicated to open his closet and go through his old clothes. There laid, none other, then a bottle of Amontillado. "I found this a long time ago and been waiting for this moment to drink it, it 's never been opened before. Now, pour me some," I did as he demanded and poured him a hearty amount of the vintage wine. "A toast to life, death, and that fool Fortunato, Ha, Ha, cough!", Father exclaimed. He swallowed the whole thing and let out a satisfied sigh, after a long time he whispered," I can finally die in peace, do not tell anyone about what I told you, for if you do I will haunt and condemn you for the rest of your miserable life". "Yes, Father. I swear that what happened today should not be told to a living soul," what else was I supposed to say? As I uttered these words, I thought them to be true. Why would I tell Fortunato…
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