The Death Of Suicide And The Emergency Room

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Imagine your leaves out your house everyday going to school and returning in the afternoon, this action occurs every day and it appears that life is just moving alone. Then, you one afternoon or morning you find your child unresponsive, so you call 911 for emergency assistance, they come take your child to the emergency room, later on a Physician comes out and tells you that your child is no longer with us. There are so many questions going on in your head, you are grieving for your deceased child. Then comes a week or two later that the cause of death is suicide. Now you want answers because you are angry, sad and somewhat helpless because you didn’t know there were problems. You now blaming yourself for not seeing the signs or asking the…show more content…
(Hinduja & Patchin, n.d.) Serious effects can come from Depression and can take a toll on a young person’s life. Bullying and depression can also causes other issues, like Anxiety, absenteeism, physical illness and low self-esteem just to name a few. Depression period is a severe mental health issue that causes an individual to constantly feel sad and lose interest wanting to perform any activity. It upsets how one behaves, feels, and thinks causing serious emotional and functional issues. Though depression can affect one at any moment, signs are different between that of a child, teens and an adult. Problems dealing with peer pressure, male relationships, sexual assault, school, parent’s high expectations and a teen’s physical development can all cause major difficulties for teenagers? Most teens dealing with the above issues, their sadness is somewhat temporary not causing them to fall into deep depression or mood. Depression whether it fall on a teen or an adult isn’t a sign of weakness in the individual with it being just a mind of matter or something the can be overcome by ones will power type of thing. This issue can cause one to have serious consequences requires them to incur long-term treatment in the form of counseling and medication. However, when one is under this treatment the depression ceases and the person starts to gain back some of the control they lost. According to Bullying the relationship

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