The Death Of Tennessee V Garner

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Sidney Hildebrandt Tennessee V Garner On the night of October 3rd, 1974 at approximately 10:45 p.m. Edward Garner was shot by Officer Hymon in an attempt to stop him from escaping a crime scene. Garner died on the operating table due to the gunshot wound on the back of his head. His crime was burglary and he was found with a mere ten dollars and a purse. The case was argued on October 30th, 1984 and a decision was made on March 27th, 1985. The father of Edward Garner believed his son’s constitutional rights were violated by the defendants Officer Hymon, the Police Department, and the Mayor of the city of Memphis. With a 6-3 decision, the Justices’ decided that Officer Hymon was acting justly under the fourth amendment that states that deadly force is constitutional as long as it is “reasonable”. I believe Officer Hymon was acting in good faith and simply fulfilling his duty to protect the public and stop criminals from escaping punishment. Edward Eugene Garner life ended in his eighth grade year at the young age of 15.He stood at five feet four inches tall and weighed around one hundred pounds.1 The father of Edward, Cleamtee Garner, brought the case into action by claiming that his son’s fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth and fourteenth amendments were violated.2 Officer Elton Hymon, along with Leslie Wright received a “prowler inside call”. Once on the scene, the two officers were informed that someone was breaking into the house next door.Officer Hymon went to investigate

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