The Death Of The American Psychiatry Essay

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Cultural Activity When doing research I found that Benjamin Rush was the father of the American Psychiatry from 1745 to 1813. Rush claimed that “the cause of madness is seated primarily in the blood vessels of the brain” and that mental derangement occurs because the brain is “overcharged” with blood. Also, I researched that Rush had a “Negritude”. In 1797, Rush declared that blacks suffered from a disease called negritude. This he claimed derived from leprosy and caused the skin to be dark and that segregation would therefore prevent infection. He stated that the skin turning white, at which point the person would be considered sane, signified the only cure. I had no expectations or assumptions about this museum being that I haven’t been to a museum in years. My classmate was actually the one that referred me to this museum. She said that she attended this museum when she was taking an anatomy class because it was mandatory for her to go. I actually completed this activity with my family it was my twin sister, my mom and I. At first my mother was not excited about the invitation. She tried to back out because I never gave her any information about what the museum was about; she was just willing to attend this event. When arriving upon my destination and walking into the museum, they were having difficulty with the lighting so we were ushered into a small theater room and watched a short film about psychiatrists. The film was very mind blowing and saddening. I was
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