The Death Of The Bataan Death March

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The Bataan Death March It is December of 1941. After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the US Government has declared war with Japanese Empire’s terror invasion in some part of the world, announced by President Franklin Roosevelt. As a countryman, and a millions of people must be ready for the exploitation of invaders, must be ready to face the struggles or what the war may result. It is time to promote peace to countries. USA must have great workers, brave soldiers, strong and sturdy weapons and equipment that will help in order to win the war. Then the WORLD WAR II came. One of the most scariest and sorrowful war in history. Japanese…show more content…
This resulted to the most brutal and barbaric, infamous BATAAN DEATH MARCH (were POWS marched to death).As a result Bataan Death March it changes the world in some way that in order to win the war. It brought awareness on the country and its people, if they 're going to declare war.Conditions that we are going to encounter must be understandable.POWS that survived the war reminds us to be brave,responsible and that we must unite or team up to fight enemies. “DYING WAS EASY, IT’S THE LIVING THAT IS HARD”.., said one of the prisoners of the war.WORLD WAR II, horriffic, bloody, expensive, unifying, heartbreaking WAR OF ALL TIME IN US HISTORY. It is described as “hell”so why is it? What happened? How to prove that invasions is an atrocity,war is a crime? Do the Japanese troops really do such brutality? Why is it so? Is there apologies on what happened? Results?..Where Japanese forces really aggressive? Let’s find out. It is a fact that Japanese intent in WWII was all about expansion. Having no natural resources of their own they needed to take from whomever they could. In fact, they had been preparing for war for many years prior to their eventual attacks.They have a strong military history and codes of military honour that allowed them to brutalise their prisoners with no care when they invaded. They did not consider their enemies as human. This kind of march is one of a great
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