The Death Of The Box

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Imagine you are trapped inside a glass box, a box invisible to the eye. At the back of your mind you are always feeling this repulsive urge to get out of this cubed prison cell. Your dreams about escaping it take up all of your waking hours and keep you fully awake at night when you should be sound asleep like a normal fully functioning human being. But there is a problem; there are no keys or doors, and you don’t even have an object inside the box with you that you can use to break the glass with. You are isolated from yourself and everyone else. However, the inside of the box is transparent. Everything in life is still happening right in front of your eyes and it is driving you crazy because the only thing you can do is watch. But on the other side of the box, the side you have no choice but to stare at, it feels as if nobody can see you, nobody can hear you as you let out a mental cry for help. It also ranges from peculiar to frustrating when you get all these ridiculous expectations thrown at you that you don’t feel comfortable following, but you can 't do anything about it, because people who attempt to do something about it are a lot of the time labeled as weird or a freak to society. People such as the character Grayson from the book Gracefully Grayson who don 't identify strictly as male or female most likely feel this way a lot of the time. They feel trapped in a box because they aren 't free to be their authentic self without feeling like their are people
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