The Death Of The Boy

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Once, a very long time ago, a boy lived happily with his mother. The boy was chubby and small; he had very dark hair and extremely large glasses; he seemed to be a flibbertigibbet, an oddball child with a very introverted outlook on life along with knowledge beyond his years. He and his mother were but simple Dysart folk that brought no harm to anyone, but harm unfortunately came their way in the form of the mother becoming very ill with a stroke. This caused a great deal of difficulty for the boy as his persistently inebriated older brother, Stephen, whom he hoped he would not have to live with, had to become his sole custodian. The boy was only eleven when this terrible thing happened. A few days had passed and Stephen had already…show more content…
The boy shuddered with terror when entering the library, as if someone had walked over his grave. He saw the yellowing wallpaper curling at the corners, the splintered doors and the shabby bookcases that sat in such a way that every person in the library could hear what was being said by anyone. The boy walked to the reception desk nervously and asked the receptionist where he could find any books on magic and ceremonies. To this the receptionist replied with a strong Geordie accent, “You think we’d ‘av books on that crap in ‘ere? Hmm… you know what, take a look in the corner beside them religious books, you know the Bible and all that.” The boy nodded and then walked briskly, yet silently, towards the Religious section of the library. There he found books on Satanism, Buddhism and Atheism, and finally he came across a book on “Devout Paganism with Reference to the Deil.” The boy took this book to the reception to borrow it. Wearily, he handed over his library card and dropped the monolithic volume on the desk in front of the receptionist; the dust covering the book flew up and surrounded the boy and the receptionist in a fog whilst the sound reverberated around the whole library causing a disruption to everyone. The boy coughed cautiously as he lifted the book and walked away staring down at the floor. That night the boy started to read the book. He opened the front cover to reveal an engraved picture depicting Norse gods being destroyed by Loki’s demons. The boy
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